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Meat Chickens

Our first batch of 2015 broilers is ready for processing.  We raised Cornish Cross again this year, after experimenting in past years with both Rainbow Rangers and various heritage breeds.  All have their relative plusses and minuses, but for eating … Continue reading

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Chickens to Pasture!

Spring is decisively here, so we detached the mobile chicken coop from the winter hoop house and brought the birds up to their first pasture spot. I’m always amused by the sight of our small SUV (the closest we have … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air 

I think somebody wants to lay an egg. Unfortunately, the turkey Tom we saved in November turned out to not have a disposition appropriate for long-term residence here, so he’s in the freezer, and any eggs the girls lay will … Continue reading

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Heritage Turkey Available!

Looking for a fresh, local, respectfully raised Thanksgiving turkey?  We’ve got a few turkeys still available for the upcoming holiday. This year, we raised Narrangansetts and Midget Whites.  All of the turkeys have lived here since they were a day … Continue reading

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Too Busy to Blog.

We’ve been completely blog-absent for months – generally too busy doing stuff to be writing about it.  With a long winter apparently on its way, there should be plenty of time to catch up on the many cool projects we’ve … Continue reading

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Standing guard

Our chickens are temporarily free to range the entire property, rather than just their usual amply large run. These three hens have ventured quite far from the regular chicken area, and Bucky the rooster came with them for protection, I … Continue reading

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Bath time for turkeys

Like chickens, turkeys clean themselves with “dust baths”. Dust is a euphemism here, this bath actually involves fluffing themselves around in the dirt. Our turkeys have been adventuring around the property a lot lately, and this morning they are out … Continue reading

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Goats as Brush Mowers?

Just how well will goats clear brush? As we’ve previously mentioned, brush clearing was our primary objective in getting these goats (although we now see a dairy goat in the not-too-distant future). This is what the latest section of woods … Continue reading

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Turkeys in the Mobile Coop!

One of last weekend’s projects was building a mobile turkey coop on an old trailer base. (More on that later.) Before we let them range, we’re going to let them spend at least a day and a night in their … Continue reading

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Garden prep

Here’s the beautiful (and sweaty) AmyJ, working on one of our 23 16×4′ beds that, along with four more double-wide beds for tomato, a trellis of peas and cucumbers, a pumpkin patch, and a bunch of beans constitutes this year’s … Continue reading

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