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Spring is in the air 

I think somebody wants to lay an egg. Unfortunately, the turkey Tom we saved in November turned out to not have a disposition appropriate for long-term residence here, so he’s in the freezer, and any eggs the girls lay will … Continue reading

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Too Busy to Blog.

We’ve been completely blog-absent for months – generally too busy doing stuff to be writing about it.  With a long winter apparently on its way, there should be plenty of time to catch up on the many cool projects we’ve … Continue reading

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Little Flower

The woods are waking up – I love the waves of colors that sweep through the ground level before it all settles into its summertime shade.

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Hammock proves it’s spring

“I’m going to read here all day,” he says.

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Digging spring

I can’t imagine they’re finding much to eat yet, but the chickens are enjoying trying in this patch of snowless ground just a few feet from their coop. Soon, my pretties….

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(Ugly) Supplemental Hay Storage

Admittedly, our cobbled-together hay storage won’t win any beauty prizes, but we were able to build it in about an hour and a half using stuff we had laying around, and it lets us get a few dozen bales out … Continue reading

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Killing Wasps Before the Warm (Thinking of Spring)

Despite the continued cold and snowy winter, it’s time for seed-catalogs, chick orders, and generally dreaming about the growing season to come. Sometime last fall I spotted this terrifying-looking wasp nest hanging above the goat run behind the shed.   … Continue reading

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2013 Goals – Final Recap

At the start of 2013, we laid out a set of goals for our work on the house, farm, and studio.  These were meant to be things we’d accomplish within 2013.  As of mid-year, we were on track to hit … Continue reading

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Welcome 2014!

  Have a great 2014.

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Happy Hunting Season

We don’t hunt deer.  We’re not opposed to it, and perhaps someday will — after all, it’s basically free-ranged meat we didn’t have to feed first.  But as any Wisconsinite will attest, lots of people do hunt deer. We’re far … Continue reading

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