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Goats as Brush Mowers?

Just how well will goats clear brush? As we’ve previously mentioned, brush clearing was our primary objective in getting these goats (although we now see a dairy goat in the not-too-distant future). This is what the latest section of woods … Continue reading

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Happy goats at work

The garlic mustard and honeysuckle are out in full force – time for the goats!

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(Ugly) Supplemental Hay Storage

Admittedly, our cobbled-together hay storage won’t win any beauty prizes, but we were able to build it in about an hour and a half using stuff we had laying around, and it lets us get a few dozen bales out … Continue reading

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Recycled Xmas Tree

The old dried up 2012 christmas tree turned out to be an excellent firestarter, but this year we figured the goats would make better use of it during their long, boring, hay-filled winter. They certainly seem to have enjoyed it:

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Killing Wasps Before the Warm (Thinking of Spring)

Despite the continued cold and snowy winter, it’s time for seed-catalogs, chick orders, and generally dreaming about the growing season to come. Sometime last fall I spotted this terrifying-looking wasp nest hanging above the goat run behind the shed.   … Continue reading

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2013 Goals – Final Recap

At the start of 2013, we laid out a set of goals for our work on the house, farm, and studio.  These were meant to be things we’d accomplish within 2013.  As of mid-year, we were on track to hit … Continue reading

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Welcome 2014!

  Have a great 2014.

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Recycling holiday garlands

Amy braved the cold to let the goats enjoy recycling the holiday garlands from the house.

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Snowy Goat

Snow:  chickens hate it, the dog loves it, and the goats don’t really seem to notice either way.

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Goats like old corn stalks

Mmmm… dried corn stalks.

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