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Spring is in the air 

I think somebody wants to lay an egg. Unfortunately, the turkey Tom we saved in November turned out to not have a disposition appropriate for long-term residence here, so he’s in the freezer, and any eggs the girls lay will … Continue reading

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Heritage Turkey Available!

Looking for a fresh, local, respectfully raised Thanksgiving turkey?  We’ve got a few turkeys still available for the upcoming holiday. This year, we raised Narrangansetts and Midget Whites.  All of the turkeys have lived here since they were a day … Continue reading

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Bath time for turkeys

Like chickens, turkeys clean themselves with “dust baths”. Dust is a euphemism here, this bath actually involves fluffing themselves around in the dirt. Our turkeys have been adventuring around the property a lot lately, and this morning they are out … Continue reading

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Turkeys in the Mobile Coop!

One of last weekend’s projects was building a mobile turkey coop on an old trailer base. (More on that later.) Before we let them range, we’re going to let them spend at least a day and a night in their … Continue reading

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Breakfast time for baby turkeys

These guys are about two weeks old, and are already acting like little versions of grown-up turkeys. The boys will turn their tail feathers up and strut around, and their curiosity has them probing the edges of the brooder when … Continue reading

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2013 Goals – Final Recap

At the start of 2013, we laid out a set of goals for our work on the house, farm, and studio.  These were meant to be things we’d accomplish within 2013.  As of mid-year, we were on track to hit … Continue reading

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Cooking Heritage Turkey

[Holy blog-pause, batman!  Sorry about the quiet time — we’ve been busy with the holidays, and relatively little has been going on project-wise.  I lost a draft of this post a few weeks ago and found re-writing it to be … Continue reading

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Process Improvement: Poultry Scalding Water

Preparing to process the turkeys in chilly mid-November (high around 20) forced us to think carefully about how we handled getting the scalding water to temp and keeping it there. We made two changes that I think were massively helpful, … Continue reading

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Looking good

Interpret that however you want.

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Compost Helpers

Cleaning up the gardens as we prepare for winter creates a lot for the compost pile.  The chickens and turkeys, who are accustomed to getting their table scraps from the compost, were right on my heels as I dumped each … Continue reading

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