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Picking up after pruning

We’re taking advantage of a non-cold non-rainy day to get the pruned branches out of the garden/orchard area before the April showers make the ground too soggy to drive on. With chicken helpers, of course.

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Catch-up Pruning

When we arrived at this land it had twenty or so mature fruit trees, most of which appeared to have been trained and pruned at one point, but seemingly not since the 20th century.  We pruned a few last year, … Continue reading

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2013 Goals – Final Recap

At the start of 2013, we laid out a set of goals for our work on the house, farm, and studio.  These were meant to be things we’d accomplish within 2013.  As of mid-year, we were on track to hit … Continue reading

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Harvesting some Apples and Pears

We’re not going to successfully harvest anywhere near all of our apples and pears this year.  That’s hardly a surprise, nor is it a problem.  We’ll have plenty to eat, preserve, and share, and are getting good exposure to what … Continue reading

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