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Garden prep

Here’s the beautiful (and sweaty) AmyJ, working on one of our 23 16×4′ beds that, along with four more double-wide beds for tomato, a trellis of peas and cucumbers, a pumpkin patch, and a bunch of beans constitutes this year’s … Continue reading

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Wow, it seems like the few tantalizing bits of spring we had just last week all intensified almost overnight. We had planned to spend the weekend focused on building a treehouse in the woods, and were making progress until Saturday … Continue reading

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The typical phrase is “spring has sprung”, and while that may be meteorologically true (recent snow notwithstanding), we’ve got so much springtime stuff coming up in the next few weeks that the present progressive “springing” seems more apropos. Next week … Continue reading

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Early spring morning in the garden

After many days of inviting 50- and 60-something temps, this feels like a bit of a setback. But as young Nora remarked when we were driving through the heavy rain yesterday: “at least we’ll have lots of May flowers!”

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Picking up after pruning

We’re taking advantage of a non-cold non-rainy day to get the pruned branches out of the garden/orchard area before the April showers make the ground too soggy to drive on. With chicken helpers, of course.

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It Begins!

We’ve planted the first big wave of new seeds for 2014.  The dirt on the floor and nasty glow of the fluorescents is a small price to pay for this psychic buffer against winter’s final act. Lana the kitten helped, … Continue reading

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The anticipation of spring is so great it just takes a sunny “warm” (feels like 8!) afternoon to get Amy out pacing off next year’s garden beds.

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2013 Goals – Final Recap

At the start of 2013, we laid out a set of goals for our work on the house, farm, and studio.  These were meant to be things we’d accomplish within 2013.  As of mid-year, we were on track to hit … Continue reading

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Small Hoops for Row Covers

We want to keep some greens in the garden going a bit further into the cold months, so are going to try using a row cover over the kale, chard, and lettuce. We’re trying to keep this very cheap and … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Winterizing

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