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New Desk(s)

Amy found this neat-looking approach to a DIY table on pinterest, and since I wanted a bigger desk for my office anyway I decided to send my old desk to the kids’ playroom and give this method a try for … Continue reading

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Flock Addition

As soon as we finished building our first chicken coop at our previous house in the city, we found the statutory limit of 4 chickens to feel, well, so limiting.  There are so many different kinds of chickens, and four … Continue reading

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Feather Fun

The kids have been picking up bird feathers now and then when they see them (chicken, goose, and turkey mostly). This weekend when they found several more Nora insisted that we needed to get ink now to write with the … Continue reading

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Green Be Gone

As a family we like the color green just fine. Nonetheless, having a majority of the main floor of the house being a bright shade of green didn’t suit us very well.  Among some of the first projects in the … Continue reading

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