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Studio Cleanup Continues

When we first saw the studio this half of the house quickly got the name “the bad half”. It had a sizable hole in the roof which had let in some animals that had made a major mess of the … Continue reading

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Good Morning.

I found this morning’s sunrise particularly striking:

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Coop Improvements – Late 2012

In addition to adding the sunroom, I’ve made a few odds-and-ends improvements to the old coop since cleaning it out when we moved in.  I still don’t really like this coop, and think it will probably get rebuilt (likely in … Continue reading

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Chicken Sunroom

Our chickens are all of very cold-hardy breeds, so they do fine with winter.  But chickens generally don’t like snow, so I was concerned that our new larger flock would get bored being cooped-up (rimshot!) all winter. An old blog … Continue reading

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Pepper’s Big Night Out

I’m in the habit of giving the chickens a quick count when as I’m shutting the coop doors for the night.  They’ve settled onto the roost by this point, so this is just a matter of shining the flashlight and … Continue reading

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Hidden History

Literally from day 1, we’ve been learning about the history of this place and its past occupants.   The appliance repairman, various package delivery folks, neighbors, etc. – it seems like everyone we encounter has a story to add.  Some of … Continue reading

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