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Makin’ bacon

One of my christmas gifts from Amy was the Underground Food Collective’s Whole Hog Breakdown class.   UFC is a general force of foodie goodness around Madison, with a long-running catering business (whose work I’ve enjoyed on a few Bike … Continue reading

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Mmmmm… mealworms!

It was a pretty cold here this morning, but the chickens didn’t seem to care at all. I let them out in all but the most inclement weather (and then they have the sunroom), but today they seemed extra inclined … Continue reading

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Bathroom Blue Banished

The basement bathroom was in an aesthetically sorry state of affairs when we moved in. Like the rest of the basement, it was really more roughed in than finished.  There were bare bulbs where light fixtures might go, cheap stick-on … Continue reading

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Eggs from the new girls!

Between the various stresses of losing their old alpha chicken and moving in September, being inundated with new pullets in October, and seasonal molting, the three remaining hens in our original flock haven’t been laying much (ok, at all) for … Continue reading

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The good folks at Dane County Friends of Ferals dropped off our just-adopted four-pack of felinity earlier today. These guys range from tentatively-friendly-feral to get-the-!@$@-away-from-me-feral, though we hope with some time they’ll warm up a bit.  Our goal really isn’t … Continue reading

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Then and Now

Over break I found the Wisconsin Historic Aerial Image Finder, which is exactly what it sounds like.  I really geek out on maps and place history, so this was very exciting to me. I found a July 1937 aerial photo … Continue reading

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Removing the elephant in the room.

Goal #11 of our 2013 goals is “convert the upper sunroom into a dining room”.  At least 90% of the work involved in this project is the removal of the hot tub that currently dominates the room.  “Remove the hot … Continue reading

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Root with a view

Nora has always been interested in our gardening projects. When Josh built the raised garden beds in the terrace of our last house she was right there helping us direct sowing seeds, transplant seedings.  watering and harvesting as needed.   So it … Continue reading

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Ben’s Birdhouse

Ben has a 2013 goal of learning some carpentry skills (and using the tools Grandma and Grandpa got him for christmas). We had some time while Nora and Mom were out yesterday, and turned some scrap cedar I had laying … Continue reading

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Cheap Custom Whiteboard

Big whiteboards are insanely expensive (e.g. 4’x6′ is well over $100), but Amy and I both love whiteboards.  So I bought a 4×8 sheet of 1/4″ melamine (~$25) shortly after we moved in with an intention of framing bits for our … Continue reading

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