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How Do You Eat an Elephant?

2013 is 55 days old so far.   The year is 15% gone.   We set some ambitious goals for 2013, so I thought I’d briefly update on our progress so far. Just one of our goals for the year … Continue reading

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Hunger Games

As we enter winter’s home stretch, everything is getting hungry.  The squirrel Amy saw in the birdfeeder is one example – we’ve had birdseed out on the deck since we moved in with scarcely a squirrel bothering to even nibble. … Continue reading

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Feeding the …..

  Squirrels! Yesterday when I went to make my midday coffee I saw a shadow at the kitchen window and noticed this acrobatic squirrel. I knocked at the window and rather than being frightened he took one of his little paws and … Continue reading

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There – I Fixed It.

The week before last we had a fair bit of snow – probably 6-8″ total over the week.  Then things warmed up over the weekend and the precipitation continued, with 0.75″ or so rain on Sunday as the temperature briefly … Continue reading

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Seeds and Seedlings!

The holidays merge seamlessly into “birthday season” around here, as both kids have birthdays in January.  This year we hosted parties three weekends in a row, which pretty much consumed the month as far as project work is concerned. The … Continue reading

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We’ve had the same weather roller-coaster this winter that much of the country has experienced. The upper-Midwestern version of this roller coaster is a bit colder, of course, as was quite evident this morning. It was about -9F early this … Continue reading

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