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Wood Mom

Q: What do you get if you take four hungry baby goats and one sleepy guy with two arms?  A: Two pushy jealous goats who make the morning feeding a lot harder. Enter “The Wood Mom”.  Problem solved, for the … Continue reading

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Kids playing with kids

The humans kids are enjoying their time with the goat kids….. it is hard to contain the cuteness around here lately.

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Big Chicken Brooder

We’ve been so goat-focused this week that I was surprised to notice our first 25 chicks that we’ll raise for meat arrive are scheduled to arrive as early as next week! Fortunately, I already had brooder construction on this month’s … Continue reading

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Barn cats – reporting for duty

The feral cats we adopted in January have by now had a good long settling in period, well in excess of the recommended 6-8 weeks.  So as we prepared the shed for baby goats last week, we decided to start … Continue reading

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Meet the boys

We have named the boys. Jax, short for Jackson, as in Michael Jackson (because of his white glove): Opie – we don’t really have anything to say for the others – they all followed from Jax. Bobby: Juice:

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Fruit Tree Pruning

We have a fair number of apple and other fruit trees on our property. Many of them have not been pruned in many, many years…. we probably should have started this process sooner as it will soon be too warm … Continue reading

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There are goats in our shed!

Cute baby goats arrived this morning. The kids met the kids after school. Everyone helped with their first feeding at their new home.   More to follow, I am sure.

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Shed conversion / goat shelter

Getting goats to test how well they can clear brush in the woods is one of our 2013 goals, though one both Amy and I are admittedly daunted by.    Having a lot of work to do is one thing, … Continue reading

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Why am I not surprised?

I was at Home Depot the other day and even though I wasn’t really in the market for any seeds (I have already ordered mine from sources I trust), I glanced at the seed starting section on my way to … Continue reading

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Garage Visitor

This morning Josh found a little visitor in our garage.   This little raccoon took a bunch of coaxing to get out of the garage. He kept going away from the open door and into the corner.   Eventually we … Continue reading

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