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Time for a trim

We have been seeing chickens all over the place lately. In the dog run, on top of things, in the future garden…..  Time to clip some feathers!

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In the chicken run today

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Siesta Time

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Dead Things

Apparently there once were fish in our tiny pond, as evidenced by the one we saw floating under today’s thin layer of ice: Coincidentally, a few hours after we saw the fish Amy found this rather large and complete skeleton … Continue reading

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Windy evening

It was windy this evening and we were out at the usual farm bedtime. When we returned Josh found that the pop door on the coop had blown shut and all the ladies were waiting just outside the door to … Continue reading

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Kitty Patrol

We have seen most of our feral cat crew out and about prowling at night when we go out to feed the goats. We catch them perched on fallen logs and roaming around what will be the garden area. We … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Begins

When we purchased this property the valley between the house and the studio was covered in thick thorny brush. Right now from afar it looks like this: On hikes over the winter we started to notice that the valley is … Continue reading

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Early Spring Snapshot

I awoke to a dusting of snow on the thawed ground, 30 degrees, and some quickly changing mixture of snow, sleet, and rain.  Our high today is 59, and it looks like it’s going to rain all day. The garden … Continue reading

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Broody-watch, day 1: Settling in nicely

I think it is adorable how this little bantam chicken puffs herself up to keep her eggs warm… I took a quick video so you could see too.

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