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Card carrying

        Tee-hee. We are legit.

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Broody-watch, day 0

As I mentioned earlier in the week, our hen Buffy has gone broody, and we’re going to see if she can hatch some eggs. This is as I found her yesterday evening (and every day for the past few days): … Continue reading

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Goat couture

When the power went out in the shed the goats were mostly done using the heat lamp. However, when the weather turned really cold again and the power still wasn’t fixed in the shed, I decided that the goats could … Continue reading

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Roll with the punches.  Make lemonade.  Keep calm and carry on. There are plenty of ways to say it, but sometimes you get a curveball and just need to accomodate it.  We’re having a streak of opportunities to exercise adaptability … Continue reading

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Picking up the chicks

We got the call that our meat chickens arrived at the post office. While in line waiting to pick them up I could hear them. It sounded like the post office was full of chickens. I thought everyone’s chicken orders … Continue reading

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Happy Spring – Easter Work Weekend

We decided to make a focused work weekend out of the Easter holiday weekend.  My folks came up Friday night and stayed through Sunday to help, so we had an extra set of grown up hands and the children were … Continue reading

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