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Willow down

A brief period of ~60 mph winds took the main trunk from this big willow down. Fortunately nothing (other than the tree) was damaged, and the parts we’ll need to cut and move in order to unblock the path to … Continue reading

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Cover Crop

In the areas of the garden that we decided not to garden this year we planted annual rye grass seed as a cover crop.   Woo-hoo, checking another thing off the to do list.

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Meat birds out to pasture

Josh finished the coop for the meat birds last week. It didn’t move quite as easily as anticipated.  The angle steel we used to mount the wheels just isn’t strong enough, and with the birds inside it’s simply too heavy … Continue reading

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Goat area extended

We took advantage of Josh’s dad’s help by clearing some line for an extension of the goat area behind the shed. With the gaots now trained to the electric fence we set them loose on an area of dense brush … Continue reading

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Memorial day Q

We took a little break in our Memorial Day work plans to have some friends over for a little BBQ. Earlier in spring I had cleaned all of the trash (broken glass, plastic, metal, packing tape and lots of other … Continue reading

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The goats cleared out the little cattle-panel pen we made for them behind their shed weeks ago, and have been desperately wanting more green stuff to eat.  Since eating green stuff is the whole reason we have them, we want … Continue reading

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We’re finding surprise reptiles all over the place. While mowing the weeds in the area where a backyard might go, I found this turtle, fortunately unfazed by the 46″ of spinning steel blades that had just passed over him: Nora … Continue reading

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Lucky’s progress

Buffy continues to take good care of her lone chick. They cutely sleep together even though Lucky now pops her head out to see the world around her.   And we’ve started letting these two out to hang out with … Continue reading

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Practice Move

Today we decided to practice moving the goats. We took them from the shed to the fenced-in area at the side of the house to spend the day. We know the goats like to be by us but we were … Continue reading

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Mmm… garlic mustard

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