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We get signal!

I’ve had no luck getting wifi signal any distance outside of the house, no matter where in the house I’ve situated wireless access points or which of the basic residential antennae I’ve tried to use. Last week’s goat health drama … Continue reading

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Secret Stash

With egg laying rates dropping as winter approaches, it’s not possible to notice an egg or two missing on any given day.  Moreover, it’s been a while since our surrogate mother in residence Buffy has actually laid eggs — that’s … Continue reading

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Small Hoops for Row Covers

We want to keep some greens in the garden going a bit further into the cold months, so are going to try using a row cover over the kale, chard, and lettuce. We’re trying to keep this very cheap and … Continue reading

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Quick DIY Hay Feeder

We’re not quite sure how much longer the goats will be able to get their primary sustenance from browsing in the woods, but it can’t be more than 4 or 6 more weeks, at the most. We got a delivery … Continue reading

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Sad Goat News

We lost Opie the goat last week. It seems that he ate something, or too much of something, while browsing in the woods, and got bloat — a condition that basically comes down to a dangerous accumulation of gas in … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Winterizing

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Suspect claims

“Handle Guard”, it says. “Prevents Handle Damage”. Hrm.

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Compost Helpers

Cleaning up the gardens as we prepare for winter creates a lot for the compost pile.  The chickens and turkeys, who are accustomed to getting their table scraps from the compost, were right on my heels as I dumped each … Continue reading

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We had a cool and rainy afternoon, but the sun peeked out just before it set.  I was picking apples from the tree by the shed in advance of the hard freeze predicted for tomorrow night, and the kids had … Continue reading

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Pesto before the frost

As luck would have it, I was already harvesting basil when my phone chirped to tell me there was a frost advisory for Sunday night. Only a couple of our basil plants did great this year, but they all did … Continue reading

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