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Process Improvement: Poultry Scalding Water

Preparing to process the turkeys in chilly mid-November (high around 20) forced us to think carefully about how we handled getting the scalding water to temp and keeping it there. We made two changes that I think were massively helpful, … Continue reading

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Curious Goat

We had a few fences to put up in the shed rafters this weekend, and had pulled them in on the cart.  After turning away for 2 seconds to get the ladder set up, we found Jax in the cart. … Continue reading

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Happy Hunting Season

We don’t hunt deer.  We’re not opposed to it, and perhaps someday will — after all, it’s basically free-ranged meat we didn’t have to feed first.  But as any Wisconsinite will attest, lots of people do hunt deer. We’re far … Continue reading

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Looking good

Interpret that however you want.

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Another reason to hate Toys R Us

On the very few occasions that I have had to go to Toys R Us, I always walk out feeling assaulted by the noise of both the toys and the ads on the loudspeaker, the colorful injection molded plastic crap … Continue reading

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What are you looking at?

This is a very rare glimpse at our orange boys Lucius and Fontaine together from close range (for skittish barn cats). More typically, one just sees their hindquarters running away as fast as possible.

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First ice

The pond has just the thinnest bit of ice on its surface this morning.

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Can we have some fresh hay please?

“Good morning, human-guy.  Hay please?”   Apparently the goats got hungry over the rainy night — I found Jax in the hay-feeder this morning. Apologies for the inadvertent blog-pause.  We’ve been busy, and will get things caught up here ASAP.

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