Memorial day Q

We took a little break in our Memorial Day work plans to have some friends over for a little BBQ. Earlier in spring I had cleaned all of the trash (broken glass, plastic, metal, packing tape and lots of other nonburnable stuff) out of the former homeowners trash burning area, I re-assembled the retaining wall to the best of my ability and it was now finally ready to use as a fire ring.

Here was the burn area at inspection

inspection burn pit-1

And here it was after I pulled out four contractor bags of trash. Clearly they tried to burn everything in the house that they were not moving before closing – hard drives, garden tools, plastic hanging baskets. light bulbs, you name it they tried to burn it. Yuk.

cleaning  fire pit-1

and after I found some more wall pieces in the grass and and raked it out again.

clean fire pit-1 The kids and I created a little fire ring so that we could make smores with friends and generally hang out by the fire.

fire pit


The fire kept us warm on a chilly night and it was nice to spend some extended time chatting after all the kids were in bed.

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