Chainsaw upgrade

We have many, many trees on our land. Really. Acres of them. As you know trees fall down and so both of our dads gave us their chain saws…. you know the ones you use when you have a limb down in your suburban yard. They have helped us deal with some smaller projects. However, when a big willow went down over the path to our animal shed we decided it was time to get some bigger guns.

willow down-1

And so after a bit of online research. I decided that I couldn’t make this purchase online and that I needed to go to the farm implement store…. you know the one in the nearby small town with all of the HUGE farm machines outside of it…. the one where you are sure they will laugh at you because they will know instantly that you are not a real farmer….. ugh, I drove past it the first time because surely I couldn’t walk in there to buy anything.

But I did and they were nice. They didn’t laugh and I walked out with this big boy in my trunk

chain saw-1


and I left this on Josh’s workbench

chain saw-2


Your turn honey. My work here is done.

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