Goats in the Chicken Coop!

Shortly after we moved the goats to the chicken run to clear brush we learned that we should have prepared the coop a bit. I was in the garden and hear what could only be described as a kerfuffle in the coop. I checked on the birds and found Jax and Bobby in the chicken coop! Of course they came in through the pop door to get some chicken food — why had we not planned for that?  I grabbed some scrap wood to quickly make the hole smaller to block the goats.

goats in coop-1

Simply dividing it in half was not enough! So I added more wood!

goats in coop-2He still got in! So I added more wood!

goats in coop-3

He still got in! So I added more wood.

goats in coop-4

He still got in!  I started to feel like I was living in a children’s book (“He still got in!”) and I was beginning to worry that the chickens and turkeys would not be able to make it in at night….. but apparently everything requires a much smaller hole than you would think  and apparently you should plan before you start screwing wood up to the coop so that your final project doesn’t end up looking like a child did it.

The pesky goat we all love had moved onto another task – helping me with my garden cart.

goats and chickens


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