Trade Agreement Acok

Buffed the Westerlanders. Buffed the King`s Landing Garrison. 8 new masters added to the Westerlands. Added a lot of new ncCs stories, like Sandor Clegane, Littlefinger and Varys. Re-did the Red Keep. Re-did the throne room Red Keep. Re-did tournaments. Added religious figures. The commercial goods error has been corrected. New scene from Saltpan. Oberyn`s daughters. Lord Harroway`s Town.

Villages for assigned men. Some redundant lords have been abducted. The seat of Moat Cailin has been reworked. The siege of the old town has been overhauled. Different chain changes. Fog effects have been added to select parts/scenes. Many textures have been updated. Several shaders have been updated. Different changes in some quest scenes. New scene at King`s Landing Hall. Removes several redundant weapons/armor. Several battlemaps have been updated.

Different world map changes. New accessories added, courtesy of La GrandMaster. Increased damage from forest fires. Various changes to trade routes. New scene of the city hall crying. Diplomacy unlocked for the following factions: Qohor, Pentos, Tyrosh, Myr, Lys, Volantis, Norvos, Lorath, Braavos. Pair of updated facecodes. Various changes to the Quest Hear me Roar. Start-up statistics are slightly optimized. Various repositioning of the party.

Different new sites in Essos. Different features of the updated players` realm. Slightly coiled starter box. Sword bastard added. Different Shader-RGB value optimizations. The drawing scene is optimized. A new quest has been added: the city of magicians has replaced the models of Valyrian swords. The Casterly Rock scene is over. The Lannisport scene is over.

Optimized Braavos and Tyrosh colors. Different changes in the size of the text. New scenes for: Rhyos, Aquos Dhaen, Mhysa Faer, Draconys. Dothraki family relationships corrected. Invasives now have their grades at their disposal. Various economic changes. The following Valyrian weapons are added: Heartsbane, Lady Forlorn, Nightfall, Red Rain, Vigilance, Orphan-Maker, Truth. Several new events have been added.

I`ve added new special rooms. Several new accessories are added. New weapon models have been added. Buffed Inullied. The meat was turned. A new quest has been added: Illuminations. Outdated wedding items. Raymun Templeton got a new horse. The special space music has been corrected. Add a new exploration feature. New accessories have been added. You and your men can now eat apples, pears, lemons and plums.

The northern part of the map is now covered with snow. Re-did Scenes for Winterfell, Karhold, Last Hearth, Dreadfort, Deepwood Motte, Bear Island, Castle Cerwyn and the corresponding villages. Exceeds most quest dialogues. Some elements have been optimized. Overhauled Renly Quest Overhauled Music. New scene from the May pool. Tore der Mondburg added. New dragonstone scene.

Dragonstone is no longer a city, it is a castle. New scene from Brightwater Keep. A plethora of new elements has been added. Lots of new accessories added. Various retextures of buildings and environment. I`ve overtaken sellswords. The essos have been added. Fully revised article modifiers. Exceeds all armament costs, weights, difficulty level and statistics. Throws with flags. New band: The Riverlands. New lords, castles and villages have been added.

New scene from Brightwater Keep. Optimized light spears. Various mission_template optimizations. A new companion has been added: Lyneria. Clover is overwhelmed. Outdated music. The speed of the card increases slightly. New castles have been added to The Westerland. New gentlemen have been added to the Westerlands. Jaime Lannister has been added.

Medger Cerwyn, Harrion Karstark and Wylis Manderly were detained in Harrenhal at the start of the match. Jaime Lannister and Antario Jast were locked up at Riverrun early in the game. The Oldtown stage is added. The white harbor scene is added. The Volantis scene is added. The Dreadfort scene is added. Many new NPCs, including Lysa Tully, Catelyn Stark, Melisandre and Vargo Hoat, have been added.

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