Agreements Of Life

Gina Rubel presented at “Full Day in the Bay: Empowered Women, Empower Women & Men in Business” the building of trust through the life of the four agreements in life and business. I have done my best to respect these agreements, and I can certainly say that it works. The message in this book has helped me reach a higher consciousness and bring more love and happiness into my life – I think it can do the same for you. On only 153 pages, Ruiz shares the “old Totec wisdom,” divided into four concise principles for life. Restrictive thoughts limit you. Get rid of this tour at work and at home. Build genuine trust and learn how to apply the four chords. In this video with Gina Rubel, join the journey to personal and professional success. “If you get into the habit of not taking anything personally, you avoid a lot of trouble in your life. Your anger, jealousy and envy will disappear, and even your sadness will disappear if you don`t take things personally. Don Miguel Ruiz Wherever you are or whatever your life experience, you can always use this universal knowledge. Through your awareness, willpower, discipline, and willingness to practice, you can make your story possible. This online course is divided into five weeks. Each week is designed to allow you to experience one lesson a day with a day of rest and reflection.

These agreements seem simple, and they are. In practice, however, they are much harder. But if you do your best every day (do you see what I did there?), you will soon start building these habits and changing with them all your life. From time to time, thoughts that we do not control come to mind. (We can work on it, but it`s for another article.) But thinking about something is really something other than saying it out loud. Making a thought speak gives life to the thought. It makes it alive and real. When you use your words to speak ill of someone else, including yourself, you bring negativity into the world. It`s not cool. You don`t want to be responsible for it, do you? Think of a recent event in your life that made you suffer emotionally.

Imagine this event from a “distant” point of view; In other words, try to emotionally detach yourself from actions – reactions that were part of this event. Change yourself, change your life and watch the people around you look at you in amazement and start to change.

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