Claims Agreement Amendment

Example: the grant agreement provides that amendments take effect before entering into force in the event of suspension of the implementation of the project (Article 49.2.2). The agreements help insurers address conflicting coverages of different policies that may occur for the same event or loss. Exception: if the participation of a beneficiary ends at the initiative of other beneficiaries, you must draw up a communication as coordinator to inform the Commission. The notification must contain the change request. Impact on other articles of the grant agreement: if the requested amendment involves further amendments to other articles of the grant agreement, an invitation is issued. Applications that propose more than one amendment to the grant agreement are treated as a set of measures. They cannot be divided into separate queries; the Commission accepts or rejects it as an indivisible whole. IBC members can view the full text of the agreements on IBC members` secure website, Infosource. Special case: the revision is not available for amendments that include the end of the beneficiary`s participation. The tabling of these amendments automatically triggers the termination process on the effective start date of the termination. “Change Information” tab: In the grant management computer system, a “Change Information” tab is displayed. It contains important information, a complete list of change types, and a specific field to use to motivate the request.

As a coordinator, make sure that the application is complete and that all data is correct.

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