Supervising Physician Agreement Nevada

The medical services provided by an APP must be within the scope of the practitioner`s practice and correspond to the training, training, experience and skill level of the PA. Nev. Code Admin. §630.360 A medical assistant (PA) is a health professional who, upon the conclusion of an approved program, is qualified to provide medical services under the supervision of a physician and who has received a license from Board._NRS 630.015. The practice of acupuncture is governed by the Board of Oriental Medicine (BOM), which is separate and independent from the Board of Medical Examins. Therefore, neither doctors nor medical assistants can practice acupuncture without first taking a course in oriental medicine and then obtaining a license from the Board of Oriental Medicine. Even if the attending physician is licensed to practice acupuncture, the PA should qualify as an assistant in oriental medicine. This qualification requires the completion of a program approved by the parts list. NRS 634A.190; 634A.230. Appropriate supervision is defined by the rules of the State. The physician must develop and implement a program to ensure the quality of care by an AP.

The physician should spend part of a day with an AP to act as an advisor and monitor the quality of care once a month. Nev. Admin. Code §630.370 There is no direct legal reference to the use of medical assistants in the field of podiatry. Among other government models, the podiatrist`s use of PA is limited to situations where the podiatrist is in partnership with a caregiver who allows the PA to support the podiatrist. All disciplinary actions taken by the Board of Directors against licensed medical assistants can be found here. NRS 630.275; NAC 630.360. The Medicare guidelines require that, for payment for a service that has been provided to a medical service, the physician engages the service and provides subsequent services in a manner that reflects the active participation of physicians in treatment. Medicare Carriers Manual 2050.1. Dentists practice according to a written agreement with a nursing dentist….

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