Tki Consortium Agreement

Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) supports innovative research and development carried out through public-private partnerships (PPPs) of the Dutch LSH sector. The cutting-edge sector brings together stakeholders in a common and consolidated innovation infrastructure. With PPP Allowance, the Top Sector provides a financial instrument to help consortia of research organisations, knowledge institutes, companies and health foundations implement their innovative ideas. By identifying the contributions of private PPP partners in the LSH sector, the Topconsortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) office in the high-end sector can apply for PPP assistance from the Dutch Enterprise Agency and the Ministry of Economy. Subsequently, the allocated PPP allocation can be used to support new ppp research projects. Due to the growth of the LSH sector and familiarity with the PPP Allocation Regulation, the financial potential of PPP support for the LSH sector has increased exponentially, from €4 million in 2013 to almost €65 million in 2019. In addition, private contributions from ANCI (non-profit organizations) to research projects are included. The supplement is 25% of the ANBI contribution. The contribution of the ANIC is limited: for all applications for project assistance, there is a ceiling of EUR 8 million per opening period. approves the grant application with ANBI contributions in full order of applications until this limit is reached. Do you expect a monetary contribution from private parties to cover research and development costs? This may result in a PPP supplement.

This supplement must be reflected in the project. For those of you who are not familiar with TKI grants and PPP applications, please click here to download the TKI-PPP leaflet in which we explain all the shortcuts, details of the aid procedure, the evaluation of applications and the use of the money. The amount of the PPP grant is 30% of the private (cash) contribution* to research institutes* in the project. The first private contribution of €20,000 is increased by 40%. The first €20,000 can also be a private contribution in kind* to the research organisation (if, for example, the research organisation is authorised to use a company`s apparatus, the value of the hours of use may be counted as a private contribution in kind). With our ongoing match call, PPPs are invited to apply for PPP allowances. Project proposals must contribute to one of the five missions proposed by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, which is explained in detail in the LSH Cutting-Edge Sector Knowledge and Innovation Programme 2020-2023. All applications are evaluated by an evaluation committee on two dates determined per year and the Top Sector LSH Board of Directors decides whether an application should be approved….

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