Vectea Agreement 2016

Qualified teachers who wish to carry out validation in accordance with the provisions of the AEEC 2016 and the EEEA 2016 must submit their “declaration of intent” no later than 18 December 2020. Among the highlights of the 2016 negotiations, when the agreement was last reached, as the ITA found, there was an annual salary increase of 3 percent, 15 days off for co-educators and pay equity with school teachers for the first level of early childhood teachers (an additional 13 percent) and pay equity with teachers at the highest level. early childhood stockings (8 percent more). The current validation process, set out in the 2016 AEEC and the 2016 EEEA, will continue to apply during this transitional period, with a number of new administrative arrangements, as set out below. The process of creating new business agreements for early childhood is well advanced. However, there are still a few steps to be taken before the new agreements are concluded. The VECTEA Agreement is an important corporate agreement that governs the Victorian Community sector. In recent discussions, ELAA said the proposed agreement “focuses on quality outcomes for the early childhood sector, improving the salaries and conditions of teachers and educators and providing employers with greater capacity to manage their workforce.” If company agreements were to be approved by the Fair Work Commission (after a vote of staff supporting the proposed agreement(s)), it will no longer be necessary to validate teachers from level 2.5 to level 3.1 for teachers. Employers` ability to address underperformance issues was successfully negotiated by ELAA, which allowed employers to extend a worker`s probation period to six months under the proposed agreement, which also allows the employer to formally manage performance issues. Once the request for validation has been submitted, the evaluation process will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of ECTEA 2016 and EEEA 2016.

The early childhood teacher validation process allows empowered educators: who are engaged under the Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement 2016 (VECTEA) and the Early Education Employment Agreement 2016 (EEEA) to carry out a salary evolution process that includes an independent assessment of the “validation” or approval of the reclassification from Level 2.5 to Level 3.1. The proposed corporate agreements provide for a new process for moving from level 2.5 to level 3.1 from March 2021. ELAA believes that the proposed VECTEA offers a balanced approach for teachers, educators and early childhood providers, the association`s statement said, adding that the proposed agreement is now being reached by the government for adequate funding. Teachers should send their Declaration of Intent form (below) to If no letter of intent is submitted before 18 December 2020, the teacher cannot submit a validation application. If you have any questions about the validation service, please contact VETASSESS`s Early Childhood Teacher Validation Service: service providers receiving kindergarten funding are required to allow authorized teachers to access the validation process for early childhood teachers. A spokesman said the association “looks forward to a reaction from the government that recognizes and funds the significant reforms agreed upon.”

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