New Trailer – Next Mobile Coop?

After our somewhat lackluster results with the mobile coop we built last winter, we’ve been looking for a well-used utility trailer to use as a the base of a new mobile coop.  Our hope is that by starting with something designed to be a wheeled vehicle, we can both make the coop larger and keep it relatively easy to move.

Amy’s eagle eye for craigslist spotted this perfect fit — a 4×8 utility trailer “in need of a little TLC”.  The best part, the asking price was just $75, and it appeared to be a very solid base.


The necessary TLC turned out to be some rotted out wood and one tire rim that has rusted through.  No problem!

This guy is solid.  My only real remaining concern is if it’s perhaps too heavy for us to reasonably move it around with the garden tractor.

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