Tree Swing!

Since even before we moved in, Amy has wanted a tree swing. Actually, Amy wants lots of tree swings, to be used for various photo shoot locations (and also for fun, I suppose).

We decided to start with one, though, right near the driveway in some nice light overlooking a clearing in the orchard/garden area.


the spot (it’s my picture, not Amy’s, so that’s why it looks bad 🙂 )

Based on some pictures of the sort of thing Amy had in mind, I built a simple seat from a piece of cedar decking.  I didn’t really follow any one set of instructions, but combined guidance from,, A Beautiful Mess, this HGTV post, and Mother Earth News.


seat, from the bottom


seat top


the rope attaches to the seat with a simple double overhand knot

Then the rope went over the tree branch:swing-1

Mostly the tree swing was a trivial project, but it was fun to research and learn some knots.  Decades ago I was pretty handy with knots, but have forgotten everything I knew, and am interested in re-acquiring a functional competence.  I used a Cow Hitch Variant to attachment to the branch, a Double Overhand Stopper to connect the seat to its rope, and a Bowline where the main rope loops to connect to the seat rope.


knot reference, in the field

I did a bit of saftey testing:


(I tested quickly – swinging makes me feel sick in about 30 seconds.)

the kids confirmed that it works:
swing-5 swing-4

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