Playing Marco Polo Solo

Yesterday morning I was running a little late. I did the morning chores (Josh was out of town) and did the most cursory check on the goats. I ran down the hill by the studio to where we have the goats set up currently,  called “Goat, Goat, Goat” (that’s how we call them), heard a few “mahs” that convinced me they were there and fine, and ran back up the hill to take the kids to school. I didn’t wait around to see or pet them, I just didn’t have time.

Fast forward to later in the afternoon. Shortly before I need to leave to pick the kids up from school I decided to take a walk to see the goats. I run down the hill shouting “Goat, Goat, Goat!” Nothing. I walk along one side of the fence – usually the goats hear the rustling and come running. Nothing. Concerned, I walk the perimeter of the fence to make sure that there wasn’t an issue. No fence issue. No goats either – silence.

Now even more concerned, I turn off the electric fence to walk around inside the goat area. I walk all over shouting for the goats. Nothing. As I am walking I turn and look at the back of the future studio. There is an exposed basement with windows. Earlier in the summer we opened the storm windows to help air out the basement. Here is what I saw.


I shout into the window. No answer.  I rushed around to the unlocked front door of the building. Upon entering I see “evidence” of the goats presence but still no sound. Eventually I find all four of them asleep in a patch of sun…. just barely waking up as I pulled my phone out to take a photo of their sleepy heads.

goats-2 Just what I needed, four more kids that claim not to hear my shouting across the yard!

Pesky goats! At least we have not started gutting the inside of the studio yet!

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