Workshop: Cleanup and Paint

The building we call the “shed” was originally built as a 3-car detached garage for the original house on the property.  Two bays were left as garage bays, and one walled and insulated.  When we first saw the place, all three were filled with garbage.  By the time we moved in, the two garage bays were mostly empty (save the incredibly heavy remnants of an old kiln, but that’s another story), and the walled room now only half filled with garbage and a very stinky old oil-burning stove.


From the start, our plan for this space was to make it a workshop, but it simply wasn’t a very high priority in our first year.  We removed the stove and had the buried oil tank attached to it removed, but that was about all we did in year 1.  The space was useful for things like assembling the big brooder we used for last year’s meat birds, but certainly was no workshop.

As the 2013 growing season wound down, we turned some attention to getting the shop in shape.  We got it emptied:

And then bleached and Kilz-ed the moldy spots on the ceiling (thanks for the help, Dad!):

bleach kilz

Amy and her Mom then painted the concrete block part of the walls one week when I was traveling for work — they used a moisture-blocking paint, which should help keep the damp you see in the above pictures out:

worshop paint

What a difference!

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