Killing Wasps Before the Warm (Thinking of Spring)

Despite the continued cold and snowy winter, it’s time for seed-catalogs, chick orders, and generally dreaming about the growing season to come.

Sometime last fall I spotted this terrifying-looking wasp nest hanging above the goat run behind the shed.   Look at the size of that thing!20140209-080948.jpg It was way too high to reach with wasp spray, so there was no feasible way to safely remove it during the warm season, and I mentally put it on the list of things to do before the spring thaw.

Between clearing the latest snowfall from our paths yesterday and my numb fingertips forcing me inside, I saw it again and decided this was one little bit of spring preparation I could do now.

While I had hoped to be able to bring it down in one piece so we could study it, I was able to barely reach it with the pruning pole-saw, so a bit more bashing was necessary.  It broke in two, but still affords a pretty good look at the inside of the nest.


(Of course I had goat helpers.  Everything that happens in the goat area comes with free goat helpers.)

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