The typical phrase is “spring has sprung”, and while that may be meteorologically true (recent snow notwithstanding), we’ve got so much springtime stuff coming up in the next few weeks that the present progressive “springing” seems more apropos.

Next week we get baby chicks for this year’s first batch of meat birds, and also turkey poults both for meat and future breeding (yay – winter turkeys!). And the following week we have plans to add a new adult flock of chickens as well (more on that soon).

seedlingsThe pruning chores are nearly done, the seedlings growing nicely under lights in the basement sunroom, and the garden waiting to be tilled.

IMG_4773Our recent spring surprise is that our maternally-inclined bantam hen Buffy has once again gone broody. Unlike last year, when we had no rooster, this year there’s a more-than-decent chance that she can make baby chicks the completely natural way, so we’re letting that happen. Amy and I set up a little brooding pen for her last night, and moved both the wanna-be momma and the sampler pack of eggs she was sitting on into it. And now, we wait – if all goes well we’ll have a few chicks in three weeks.

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