Wow, it seems like the few tantalizing bits of spring we had just last week all intensified almost overnight.

We had planned to spend the weekend focused on building a treehouse in the woods, and were making progress until Saturday mid-day when the post office called to say that our first batch of chicks had come in — early!  They were due to arrive Monday or Tuesday, but apparently were in the main Madison post office, and the choice left to us was whether to leave them there until Monday or go get them.  That didn’t seem like much of a choice, so we took a break from treehouse work to go pick them up and get the brooder ready for them.

This was an order of 15, and we now have 17 or 18 healthy little Freedom Rangers cheeping around their section of the brooder.  Greater than 100% live delivery!  chicks
Shortly after we had the chicks settled and were back to work on the treehouse (Saturday evening), the guy who does our tilling called to say he could get to the garden on Sunday morning.  As with the chicks, it seemed crazy to say no, since we’ve got rain planned for this week and some seedlings ready to go outside.


Meanwhile, Buffy continues to brood on the little clutch of eggs from our laying flock that we started last week.  She’s in confinement so we can avoid some of the problems we had last year, but she doesn’t mind, since she just sits still on the eggs all day anyway. Sixteen days left.


While we had far less focused time on the treehouse than planned, it’s exciting to see so much activity.  In the end, we got the main support beams and braces and the majority of the floor joists into the treehouse — it’s much harder working 10 feet in the air!

Here’s what we started with: treehouse_before
And here’s where we left things at the end of the first weekend of work.treehouse_end_of_first_weekend

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