We’ve had a lot going on, and are far behind on blogging about it.  Time flies, whether you’re busily using the first few warm weeks of spring or sitting on a half-dozen hopefully fertile eggs, as Buffy is.

According to the calendar, Buffy’s chicks should hatch in the next few days.  So this morning I got final preparations done for her.  She’s been brooding in a dog crate in the chicken sunroom, which is the main thoroughfare the flock uses to get from the coop to the outside.  Once the chicks hatch, though, we’ll want Buffy and the little fuzzballs to have some safe alone space, so I blocked access from the coop to the sunroom (the flock has a smaller door it can use to get outside directly).  We’ve also added a chick-level waterer, a dish of starter feed, and a little ramp to help the chicks get from the main sunroom area back into their nest.

buffy_readyNow, we wait.


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