Chickens to Pasture!

Spring is decisively here, so we detached the mobile chicken coop from the winter hoop house and brought the birds up to their first pasture spot.

I’m always amused by the sight of our small SUV (the closest we have to a farm truck) pulling the big chicken trailer:

The journey causes a great deal of concerned clucking, but the chickens were happy to arrive at their destination:

They’ll enjoy this space for a couple of weeks while they eat bugs, fodder we grow for them, and whatever bits they can find in the compost they turn (along with some supplemental chicken feed), and then we’ll move the fences to give them some fresh ground. (After a few fence moves, it’ll be time to move the coop.)

All that fresh stuff is really good for them, and the benefits pass through their eggs. Pastured eggs have less cholesterol and saturated fat, and more omega 3s and vitamins. Because science. Let us know if you’re looking for a dozen or two per week – we have a few still available.

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