Blue to Black

master bath - before-1

Despite having rid the master bathroom of its green walls during the first big move-in push, the blueish-green stain on the cabinetry in the master bath had been driving me crazy since we moved in. As I would lie in bed and look straight at it it just made no sense to me at all. Not wanting to spend a ton of time stripping and refinishing the cabinets, yet wanting to change their look enough to blend with the look of the room, I turned to a combo stain/poly product.

poly shades

I had seen others online change the look of their bathroom cabinets and I figured really it couldn’t get any worse. I picked  up a can of Minwax Poly Shades in Classic Black and with Josh out of town on business and my Mom in town to help out with a project, we set out to stain those cabinets!

Master beth cabinet during-1

The job is not perfect. The stain poly combo is a little tough to work with and it took forever to dry. However, after two coats it looked pretty good and now that everything is reinstalled on the cabinets I am pleased with the results. There is still a lot I want to do with this bathroom, but for now it feels a little more cohesive and most importantly, when I wake up my first thought in the mornings isn’t “why did someone stain those cabinets greenish blue?”.

master bath after

Now my first thought is “why are there green countertops?”, but I will have to live with that for a while!

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