A visit to the neighbor’s pond

When we first looked at this property there was tall corn in the field behind what is now our lot. We knew that there was a pond on the other side of the corn field but had not seen it.  Once the corn was cut, on an unseasonably warm early December day, we set out to see this pond that we had only seen from the air on google maps. We also knew that because the lot was for sale that it was likely that it could be one of our last chances to explore without really trespassing.

Molly was all for a walk though the field.

neighbors field-1

and when we got to the pond she was excited to get in for a drink (I bet she would have taken a swim if we’d have let her).

neighbors pond-5

The pond really was lovely.

neighbors pond-2

On our way back to our land we chatted about the possibility that perhaps the lot would sit for a while and we could buy it at some point down the line.  This little fantasy was short-lived, as on our way home we met our new soon-to-be neighbors out exploring their future homesite!  We chatted for a while and they seem like a really great family with some neat plans for their land not at all dissimilar from what we want to do with our place.  Coincidentally, they currently live only two blocks from the house that we just left a few months ago — small world!

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