Studio Cleanup Continues

Bad side insulation 2

When we first saw the studio this half of the house quickly got the name “the bad half”. It had a sizable hole in the roof which had let in some animals that had made a major mess of the insulation and ceiling.

After having the hole in the roof fixed shortly after we moved in, and cleaning up the trash that remained in the “good side”, this room seemed like a manageable project for a Sunday afternoon.

I proceeded to don my gloves and protective mask and started pulling down the entire ceiling. It didn’t take long and was immensely satisfying. The room looked like this when I was done. Not necessarily an improvement yet.

bad side during

The hard work was putting the insulation in bags and dragging these and wagons full of ruined ceiling tiles up the hill to the bagster.

insulation trash

The room still needs the carpet pulled up and the entire studio still needs a lot of actual demolition, but getting a lot of the actual trash out sure feels good.

bad side after

Baby steps.

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