Green Be Gone

As a family we like the color green just fine. Nonetheless, having a majority of the main floor of the house being a bright shade of green didn’t suit us very well.  Among some of the first projects in the house were replacing the green color of the hallways, living room, master bedroom and master bath.

Living room/entry/stairs before:

house inspection - living room


house inspection - living room


After: We had the dry wallers paint the vaulted ceiling walls while they were here painting the basement – (money well spent in my opinion!)

Sherman Williams Outerbanks (7534) and Bracing Blue (6242)

dec 28 2012-3

hallways after







Master bedroom before:

house inspection - master


master bed before - before-1

Master Bedroom After:

Sherman WIlliams Dovetail (7018)

dec 28 2012-12

There were a few other colors that we added to the paint right away list.

Master Bath Before:

house inspection master bath


Master Bath After:

dec 28 2012-9

Sherman WIlliams Mindful Grey (701^)

In addition to the large swaths of green that we covered we chose to refresh a few of the other colors in teh house that didn’t quite work for us.

The purple bathroom before:

house inspection - kid bath

After: Sherman Williams Mindful Grey (7016)

dec 28 2012-11

My office before:

my office before-1


house inspection - amy's office


My office after:

Sherman Williams Pewter Tankard (1801) and Pediment (7634)

dec 28 2012-2

The music room before:

house inspection - music room


The music room after:

Sherman Williams White Raisin (7685)

dec 28 2012-8

dec 28 2012-7

Josh’s office before

house inspection - jrh office



Sherman Williams Majolia Green – yes, we took a room that had no green and added a green accent wall – totally different shade though!



Guest room before (I actually didn’t mind this color, I just didn’t want it in the guest room)

house inspection - guest1

Guest room after

Sherman Williams Breezy (7616)

dec 28 2012-10

We still have a lot to do in these rooms, but there is never an easier time to paint as when the rooms are empty (and you have really generous parents who come to stay and help)!

In addition to tons of grandparent help, Nora even chipped in (for a brief spell) helping grandma in the guest room:

nora painting

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