Getting a Christmas Tree / Meeting the Neighbors

We have always cut down our own Christmas tree, either at Hann’s tree farm or, more recently, cat CaPaul’s. Both have always been fun, and we’ve ended up with a variety of nice trees over the years.

After noticing that we have not one, but two tree farms within a mile of our new home, there was no question of going back to our regular places — this year we’d find a hyper-local tree!  We flipped a coin and decided to go around the corner rather than down the road, and found ourselves at Cedar Creek Tree Farm.  Bruce and Lisa were very friendly and helpful, and even though our land doesn’t quite touch theirs, warmly welcomed us to the “neighborhood”.

And the trees were beautiful.  We searched for a pretty long time, but found one we were very happy with.  Ben insisted on dragging the biggest tree we’ve ever cut down back to the car (with the help of a sled), and made it a good chunk of the way all by himself:


We were looking for a big tree this year, since the living room is somewhat absurdly spacious. It’s good we didn’t go much larger — this guy barely fit:

Molly liked it, even before we were done decorating.

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