The good folks at Dane County Friends of Ferals dropped off our just-adopted four-pack of felinity earlier today.

These guys range from tentatively-friendly-feral to get-the-!@$@-away-from-me-feral, though we hope with some time they’ll warm up a bit.  Our goal really isn’t to have more pets; the cats have jobs to do making mice and vole unwelcome in the garage, shed, and studio.  And these four needed a place to call home.

So without further ado, here they are:

chevette_dcfofChevette is the only lady of the bunch.  She came to the shelter pregnant and just finished weaning her litter.  At around two and a half she’s the old one of the bunch, and seems the friendliest at the moment.

skinner_dcfofSkinner is about 18 months old, and reminds me of a housecat that wanted to be feral that I had for a while in college.

Fontaine (with the longer hair) and Lucius are only about 6 months old.  Like Skinner they’re pretty skittish, but quite cute.fontaine_dcfoflucius_dcfof

All four are chilling in the shed for the next 4-6 weeks as they come to think of Willow Bend as home.  We’ll visit them frequently (but un-imposingly, we remind the children), and have some talk radio set up in the hopes that they’ll come to be less scared of people and voices.

Mo (our somewhat useless and mean housecat of the last 11 years) doesn’t even know they’re out there.  We’ll keep it that way.

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