Weekend distraction: DIY centerpiece box

It is March. Every year when March comes I feel like it should feel like spring. However, the snowstorm outside provides evidence that in Wisconsin spring does not come for a while yet. So despite garden planning and other spring project daydreams, there is not much to do at the moment.

This weekend after trying to put the hitch on the car and failing (we need a different tool) Josh came into my office and said. “Wanna do something?” I said I had an idea for a quick project and he was game.

There was a piece of old wood in the studio that I set aside when we were taking trash in fall. It was weathered and I thought that it would be perfect to make a centerpiece box like this……

wood planter 4

I have seen lots of these on tables this one was from here and I wanted something to tuck a row of herbs into or later in the summer mason jars of flowers like this or this

grandma wedding august 351_thumb[3] wood box 5

So we walked down to the studio, picked up the battered piece of wood and Josh cut it into pieces to fit around three small window sill garden boxes I picked up at the hardware store the day before.

wood box

With the cuts made and the pieces nailed in place, the box was perfect except for the fresh cuts on the ends. Luckily, I had pinned a technique to age the wood to match the weathered boards.

All you need is 0000 steel wool, a tea bag and white vinegar. First put the wool in a mason jar with the vinegar covering it and let it sit 24 hours. The next day brew some tea and wipe it on the fresh cuts. Next apply the vinegar mixture and let sit. It will age the wood and you will no longer have crazy fresh cuts.

wood box 2From left to right: fresh cut wood, with tea stain, after vinegar application dried

It took all of 10 minutes to fix the ends and now when I walk past the dining room I see a hint of green. The herbs may not quite be big enough to fill out the box yet (they are still growing in the seed room) but we had a bunch of lettuce plants that are doing the trick for now.

wood box 3

Almost like spring.

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