Barn cats – reporting for duty

The feral cats we adopted in January have by now had a good long settling in period, well in excess of the recommended 6-8 weeks.  So as we prepared the shed for baby goats last week, we decided to start leaving a shed door open so the cats could come and go as they please.

It’s been hard to tell if they’ve been leaving, since their hiding spots in the rafters are such that you can’t necessarily see them if they’re up there (they also have styrofoam shelters they could be hiding in).

Amy and I noticed one line of cat tracks in the snow when we went to feed the goats last night, and as I was walking around after this morning’s feeding there was clear evidence that they’ve been all over.  There are cat prints up and down the paths, in and out of the gardens and woods, and all around the chicken coop!  I even saw signs of a cat scuffle over by the coop, which is great because I know that the coop is a winter oasis for some mice.


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