Kitty Patrol

We have seen most of our feral cat crew out and about prowling at night when we go out to feed the goats. We catch them perched on fallen logs and roaming around what will be the garden area. We also have seen them during the day in the brushy area to the east of the shed. Our dog has tried to make friends and ended up chasing them up a tree. The mouse population seems to have decreased and though we have not made friends with these guys they are fun to have roaming around and they still use their loft as a safe haven.

The orange guys seem to hang together and are a bit more shy. But boy are they quick when you seem them in action.




Skinner is the most curious and is comfortable enough to be seen most of the time and is usually lurking in the shadows the rest of the time if you know where to look.



We have not seen Chevette for a while. She was always pretty independent. We’ll leave a light on for her (or a brooding chick heat lamp….after the power gets fixed).

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