The goats cleared out the little cattle-panel pen we made for them behind their shed weeks ago, and have been desperately wanting more green stuff to eat.  Since eating green stuff is the whole reason we have them, we want them to have more, too.

Our first springtime here is unsurprisingly awash in a list of priorities that dramatically exceeds our available time, so something’s always waiting.  As much as the goats wanted out, the meat birds needed to get out of their brooder and onto pasture, and the seedlings needed to get in the ground.  So our new electric fence has been sitting in the garage while we focused on getting the mobile coop done and the garden beds defined and fenced.

We had a chance yesterday to finally get the fence up, and the goats quickly learned how it works.  I was very pleased to see how the adapted after only a shock or two each, and hope we’ll have them moved to a lush area of incredibly dense undergrowth before the day is done.

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