Currently available: eggs, chicken


Our laying flock is a mix of various heritage breeds that freely range around our orchard, pasture, and the garden in the off season.  They eat a lot of bugs, worms, and grasses, but have a Wisconsin-produced organic supplement and sprouted organic grains available as well.  Pastured eggs are good for you.  Really.

Eggs are $5 / dozen, and are available first-come/first-served, with preference to customers with recurring (weekly, bi-weekly) orders.


Our chicken is raised in small groups from day-old chicks to maturity on a combination of organic chicken feed and natural Dane County bugs and grass.  We don’t use any antibiotics or other additives — the only other inputs to the chicken are fresh air and sunshine.

Chickens are processed here and sold whole (frozen).  $5 / pound (processed weight); each chicken is typically around 4 lbs, give or take a bit.  Organs (edible) and feet (great for stock!) are available at no additional cost, upon request.


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