Dhcs Data Use Agreement

CalDURSA is a multi-party data exchange agreement that sets out common policies, procedures and operational practices that are necessary for the exchange of reliable health information in California. This is the basis of the California Trusted Exchange Network (CTEN). Applicants must submit a full package of e-mail applications to DHCSDRC@dhcs.ca.gov the following information: Since October 2011, The Department of Health Quality Promotion (DHQP) of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has granted public health services additional access to data provided by health facilities under their jurisdiction to the CDC`s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and, from 2018, this additional access will be extended to local and territorial health services. NHSN is the most common system for tracking infections in health care. NHSN provides institutions, states, regions and the nation with the data they need to identify problem areas, measure progress in prevention efforts and ultimately eliminate health care-related infections. Since 2006, CDC has authorized public health services in countries where shark reporting requirements are mandatory and that have access to mandatory data in their area of jurisdiction. Since 2015, 33 states and Washington have used D.C NHSN for this purpose. Today, cdc presents provisions on the storage of health services – whether their state or municipality is subject to mandatory reporting – in order to improve access to data declared by institutions under their jurisdiction in the NHSN that do not fall within the scope of a public, local or territorial mandate. Contact your department`s data coordinator for information on chHS data research and exchange. In addition to the NHSN data use agreements, health services have additional options for accessing data reported to NHSN by health institutions in their legal systems, as described in this table. Participating hospitals must refer missing data or corrected information about the standard file submission method to CHWP. Data sharing at CHHS is subject to the CHHS data exchange contract and associated business Use Case proposal procedure. The CHHS data exchange agreement consists of two parts: a master`s contract with legally binding language and subordinate “Business Use Case Proposals”, which contain the specific case of business, in order to document any exchange of data within the framework of the master`s agreement.

The Business Use Case offers information such as the type of data, usage, etc. The master`s agreement, in conjunction with the Business Use Case Proposal, is the comprehensive, standardised agreement in accordance with the data sharing law. The additional provisions should allow access to data only for surveillance and prevention purposes. The template word symbol (DUA) [MS Word – 36 KO` is the starting point for discussions between the health services and the CDC DHQP.

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