Nyu Agreement To Disclose

Although we have not resolved our differences over the bargaining rights of scientific assistants in the hard sciences and engineering, the agreement has allowed more than 1,200 graduates to grant bargaining rights and opt for union training. We continue to organize ourselves to get a strong contract, to earn collective bargaining rights for research assistants in hard science and engineering, to improve our jobs and to make a better NYU. As part of the Department`s complaint resolution agreement, the University agrees, among other things, to add to its policy of non-discrimination and anti-harassment discrimination based on common ancestry and ethnic characteristics, including anti-Semitism; Combating and mitigating discrimination on campuses, including through student groups; and see that the president, Andrew D. Hamilton, gives an explanation that the university does not tolerate this form of discrimination. In addition, Form 990 establishes $400 million for the legal team of Lady Gaga, a former NYU performer and student. Other investigations revealed that Gaga signed a confidentiality agreement with NYU after her first Grammy victories in 2010. The NDA, provided to WSN by Gaga`s lawyers, says that in exchange for $400 million every five years, Gaga will not publicly reveal her reasons for leaving NYU and will declare that she left the university to pursue her career. The NDA also has a clause stating that NYU is capable of using Ga`s name and image for recruitment purposes and listing them as alumna. Since 2005, we have continued to work together to win back collective bargaining at NYU by continuing to have a majority in favour of GSOC-UAW.

And in the fall of 2013, we reached a historic agreement with NYU, where a majority of graduate employees would vote and get our union back with 98.4% VOTE YES. “We are pleased that the U.S. Department of Education has decided to end its audit without finding any wrongdoing by NYU,” said John Beckman, a spokesman for NYU. “NYU has long been understood as a place that welcomes and supports members of the Jewish community. That is why the university has accepted several measures that would strengthen our long-standing commitment to resisting anti-Semitism and responding to anti-Semitism. The policy will be maintained over the long term until decisions are voted on. If future classes want to overturn the directive, they can do so by asking the LSG to hold a student vote. The vote needed to pass the directive is two-thirds of the vote. In an unprecedented step toward transparency, NYU released its 2020 tax returns to WSN before filing them. This comes after WSN released a report on NYU`s 2017 tax returns, which were previously made available to the public. Cojab`s complaint claimed that in April 2018, the SJP attempted to end a celebration of Israel`s 70th anniversary in Washington Square Park, surrounded by the NYU campus, by encouraging passers-by to file a noise complaint.

The complaint also claimed that SJP members were wiping their feet and trampling on the Israeli flag during the celebration. A member of the SJP also allegedly took the microphone of a pro-Israel student who was singing “Hatikvah” — Israel`s national anthem — before shouting, “Free Palestine, stop the occupation.” $7 million has been delineated within tax returns to be evenly distributed among the seven women who accused billionaire Michael Steinhardt of sexual harassment in March.

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