Wedding Agreement Ending Novel

I would like to comment on the story of this wedding film (2019). First of all, I am disoriented by Dance`s work. As I am not a reader of his novels, there should be a scene in the film that explains exactly how dance works. He is a fried bread entrepreneur, but most often in business seminars. I thought this dance was just a dropshipper or a fried bread dispenser? But if the businessman usually has his own factory, then it can be at home. I imagine it would be nice if Tari seemed to have subordinates and she seems to deal directly (albeit a scene) with bread. That`s cool. The seminars he does are therefore less gregarial than I think. The film does not explain why Tari and Bian were created.

However, the novel tells the reason for Tari and Bian`s match. In addition, the endings are different in films and novels. When`s the next chapter,,??? I can`t wait for the end to see this movie. It turns out that there is a lot of wisdom behind the plot. Although the end was predictable, but still curious yes and want to see live, hi Bian Tari gave a piece of Kertss stamped agreement that they should not care about other lives, and until the age of their marriage was 1 year, they would be divorced, occupy separate spaces, and dance was forbidden to enter the private area of Bian. Bian argued that because she didn`t like Tari, Bian was previously engaged to Sarah (told in the novel, which was later canceled because Mom didn`t like Sarah Bian). This shocked Tari and did not accept because the marriage was not to be played, Bian also challenged Tari if she could not accept the divorce from the religious court. Tari tries to be patient in preparing Bian`s needs and preparing Soto Betawi foods, although Bian never wants to eat it. Friend, Tari`s best friend, who behaves strangely and enjoys skateboarding, advises Tari to follow Bian`s will so as not to become a burden on Tari`s mind. Mia had offered her novels to several film production companies, but was turned down until Starvision Plus turned the novel`s content into a film in 2019.

[3] The audit is complete, ma`am. That`s right, the end is predictable. But I prefer happy endings like this, so there`s not much to guess and think about. Knew this film originally comes from a novel. And when I saw the trailer, she was immediately interested. I didn`t have time to see it. T.T. Fortunately, ratings can be selected with values. Then learn. Without the film Wedding Agreement, many scenes of the novel are not broadcast in the film.

The end of this film does not satisfy the audience. In this film, many scenes are sad, but it lacks happy scenes. Wattpad itself is a website that allows its users to submit good works in the form of articles, stories, novels, poems, etc. This marriage agreement is one of Wattpad`s agreements. Mia Chuz`s work was one of the most read on Wattpad before being brought to the screen. Please contact the author for the novel mbk, 08158140664 The story is good. .tp Chapter 21 is not open. Tks, do you want to find the novel ah? Mia Chuz`s work was one of the most read on Wattpad before being brought to the screen.

The story is based on the novel of the same name by Mia Chuz and was published on July 27, 2019. Previously, the story of the novel Mia was written on the website De Wattpad. Archie`s experience in creating the television series Neighbours Masa Gitu (Sophia Latjuba, Dwi Sasono, Chelsea Islan and Deva Mahenra) raised the issue of household use in the film Wedding Agreement. Every scene that tells the story of Btari and Byan`s birth is full of conflicts and increases, as is Adi and Angel`s partner in The Neighbor of Masa Gitu. In some parts, sweet moments are born that help change the attitude of Byan`s character at the height of the film.

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