Feather Fun

The kids have been picking up bird feathers now and then when they see them (chicken, goose, and turkey mostly). This weekend when they found several more Nora insisted that we needed to get ink now to write with the quills.

It seemed like a great idea and unlike other times where I might have said “we’ll get some the next time we are at the craft store” or the even worse, but sometimes necessary    “later”, I said “yes”.

Though Josh was home he was outside working on various projects. To keep the kids  busy while I was out, I printed off a little scavenger hunt page for the kids (though I did cut the top off the pages because it said “for boys” and I didn’t want Nora who is now reading to get the wrong idea!). I set the kids off on an adventure and ran to the store.

By the time I had returned they had completed the hunt in the woods and were ready to write.

feathers oct 7 dec 30-2


feathers oct 7 dec 30-1

The went through a bunch of paper, got permanent ink all over their fingers, and chatted away while writing for the rest of the afternoon. It was a great way to spend an October weekend afternoon.

I’m so glad I said “yes”.

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